Monday, June 13, 2016

'Chose to Open ... our Hearts ..."

A June 12, 2016 letter from The Charter for Compassion:

How complex is this world in which we live. Today 50 people of the LGBQT community in Orlando, Florida lost their lives at the hand of one gunman. Just in this month of June the global community has experienced 68 attacks in Israel, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia and Syria. Six hundred and seventy two terrorist attacks have been experienced this year.  Our hearts weep for victims of each of these attacks and our condolences sent to each of their families. We must stay united in grief and committed to working for peace.

Just two days ago, we also witnessed a celebration of the life of Muhammad Ali. Charter Arts Partner, Harry Pickens, wrote an article on his reflection on Ali’s message. Please read it. In Harry’s words we need to “CHOSE to open our minds and hearts today in a spirit of kindness, tolerance, connection, compassion,” and he asks “what if we INTENTIONALLY CHOOSE to do the same tomorrow?”

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