Thursday, June 30, 2016

Global Meditation for Peace Set for Friday, July 1

Pray. Photo from Global Shift Network

Please join us Friday, July 1 for a Global Shift Meditation with James O'Dea to offer a wise response to the heightened polarization and violence we are seeing in our world today. The free call will take place at 12 noon Pacific/3pm Eastern/7pm GMT.

In many parts of the world, social and political tensions are becoming acute. Political passions are running high, extremist movements are on the rise, and violence is a frequent outcome. How do we respond to this volatile situation in a way that is truly helpful? How do we transform competing narratives about reality into complementary ones?

James O'Dea has devoted his life to exploring these questions. As Director of the Washington D.C. office of Amnesty International, James has been on the frontlines of the difficult work of confronting human rights abuses worldwide. James is also the former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and founding faculty of The Shift Network's Peace Ambassador Training. In his recent book, the Conscious Activist, he describes his life journey to bring together the path of the mystic and the path of the activist.

James will share his wisdom with us about how we can best participate in today's highly polarized sociopolitical environment in a way that brings healing and opens new paths of creative possibilities. James will also lead us in a practice designed to soften the sharp edges of conflict and violence, both in ourselves and in our world.

Please join us for this free event to help offer a wise response to the polarization and violence in the world!

Click here for free registration.

Blessings of Peace,
David, for the Subtle Activism Network

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