Friday, July 15, 2016

A Response To Tragedy in Nice

--From the Gaiafield Project

With a deep and tender breath, we meet the news today of yet another tragic event involving the loss of innocent lives. Nice, Dallas, Orlando, Minnesota, Louisiana, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Paris...We grieve together with the families and loved ones of the victims of violence, knowing that their lives are forever changed.

We also know that it is our response to events like these that will determine their ultimate meaning. We can recoil in fear, and allow these incidents to activate our most cynical conclusions about the nature of certain groups of people, or of humanity in general. Or we can respond in a way that brings us closer together.

As my friend James O'Dea recently said, now is the time to hold the center. The collective wounds of humanity are rising to the surface, and there is tremendous potential for healing if we bring our full awareness to the moment.

In this spirit, we want to offer two resources that we hope will provide support at this testing time.

The first is an interview I recently did with James as part of our Global Shift Meditation series: A Spiritual Response to Violence. The call is valuable not only for the wisdom that comes through James strongly in our dialogue but also for the beautiful prayer he offers at the end of the call.

The second is a powerful 21-Day meditation series taking place on The Amplifield starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 16th: 21 Days of Love .

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