Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fostering Peace Building Skills in Children

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A recent online discussion on peace included Nancy Carlson-Paige, Professor Emerita; co-founder Center for Peaceable Schools; co-founder Defending the Early Years, sharing her ideas on  "Young children learn caring behavior, empathy, and peace building skills from their experience... adults are a big influence on what kids learn about peace, nonviolence, diversity, aggression,and bullying. How can we use our influence to its full potential so we can help to foster young people who have the skills needed to create a more peaceful world?

Click this link Fostering Empathy and Peace Building Skills in Young Children to listen to the podcast and, according to the website, grasp A better understanding of how young children build ideas about peace, nonviolence, and violence ... A deeper awareness of how adults use of power affects children's potential as peacemakers, and knowledge of specific steps adults can use to help children build conflict resolution and peacemaking skills."

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