Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Spanish Lifeguards Dedicated to Rescuing Refugees at Sea

Proactive Open Arms photo

2 Days Ago, August 29, 2016
From the Proactive Open Arms website and Facebook page

Proactiva Open Arms,  is a NGO from Badalona (Barcelona, Spain) and we are dedicated to saving lives in the sea. In the beginning of September (2015) we decided to move to the Island of Lesvos to help the refugees that arrive to the Greek coast.

We landed here with €15.000 from our own pockets, with no public funding. We invested them on financing the rescue works for a month. With that budget we helped disembark more than 20 boats per day, carrying 50 people each, including babies, kids and elderly people. In total, about 1.000 people land in our beaches every day.

Oscar Camps, Proactiva Open Arms director:

"Everything started with some pictures posted on social media of four drowned kids on a beach. Then we thought: if our work is to rescue people on the sea and we do it on our local beaches… Why are people dying there and nobody is helping them?"

In The Chronicle of today, there are too many words. We have rescued more than 3.000 people in front of the coast of Libya in collaboration with the crew of the dignity 1 M├ędicos Sin Fronteras (Msf) and the Italian Coast Guard.

It is a historical figure, unfortunately,  it is a shame that the states should fail to see how mankind sinks to the bottom of this sea become cemetery.

What immense desperation of a mother to embark with her twin sons for 5 days clinging to life, what a dreadful  drama of the thousands of people travelling into nowhere...

We are people helping people. They deserve to recover the lost dignity.

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