Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Blue Mind -- Mental Peace from the Sea

How blue is your mind? 

Do you find yourself shedding stress when walking on the beach? 

If like me, you love swimming underwater, or have experienced the power of scuba diving that brings about a meditative peace--is it the water that does this?

Does sitting by a river calm your nerves?

When you gaze upon a lake, does joy fill your soul?

From the author of the book, "Blue Mind," Wallace J. Nichols:  

Blue Mind connects the dots: neuroscience and psychology, nature and conservation, art and science, poetry and practice in profoundly important new ways. The result is an emerging, exciting, fast-growing new field we call Neuroconservation. With new research and more discoveries about "blue space" yet to come.

Early benefits of this inquiry have already extended to public health, education, parenting, business, coastal planning, travel, real estate, sports and recreation, and most importantly restoring and rebuilding our personal, ancient emotional connection with healthy waterways.

Blue Mind helps those working with and for our blue planet to do their jobs better by providing deeper insights and new questions about the science of "our brains on water".

We expand the "ecosystem services" conversation to include the vast array of cognitive and emotional services, values, and benefits offered by clean, healthy waterways.

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