Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Neuroscience of Building Peace

How can our understanding of the biological hardware and software of our minds and our bodies help us understand how easily we fall into and maintain violence and conflicts? How are the bio sciences of genetics, hormones and neuroscience deepening our appreciation of how we are constrained we are biologically in our capacities to create peace? And and how can such sciences increase our understanding of how we can overcome such restraints so as to increase the effectiveness of our peacebuilding work?

Click this link to hear a recent online discussion, "Using Neurosciences to Find Peace."

A greater understanding of the importance of intuitions and feelings over rationality in creating and maintaining violence and conflict.

An understanding that all brains are different - and that we need both conservatism and liberalism for a balanced and safe society.

An understanding of how the new knowledge we are gaining from the bio sciences can assist us in more effective peace building.

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