Friday, August 19, 2016

World Drumming for Peace, Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016

Editor's note:  While searching for rhythmic music for an event promotional video, I discovered a world of rhythm and drumming.  No matter the (round) corner of the world, the rhythm and pulse of drumming maintained a certain connectedness.  With that, The Daily Prism, landed on to the following from the website, Drums Around the World.

Rhythm transcends language, race, gender, age, religion, politics, or philosophy.  Everything moves with rhythm. From the pulse of our heartbeat to the tides of the oceans & the changing of the seasons. Everything is connected through rhythm. The entire universe moves with rhythm !!! On Sunday August 21st we will align energetically, synchronize rhythmically and unify spiritually as one global heartbeat. This heartbeat will resound from the four corners of the world to intertwine with the planetary torus (magnetic field) assisting human evolution moving us closer to the realization of a unified global family.

Drums, the world’s most primal instruments (second only to the voice), have been used by most cultures around the world for millennia, dating as far back as 4000 BC. Drums have been used to communicate and to entertain. Battle drums have been significant for signaling warnings and other communications in the military groups of societies across the planet. The rhythmic beating of drums mimics one of the first sounds every human hears: the heartbeat of one’s mother. Amazingly, animals such as primates and even rodents are known to make drumming sounds. Listening to drums is soothing, and the act of beating on drums can be a cathartic release. Drumming is believed by many to be a spiritual pathway. To some peoples, drums are sacred objects. These simple percussion instruments come in many variations. Whether for collecting and displaying, therapeutic use, participation in social drumming circles, educational toys for children, musical performances or private enjoyment.

Through rhythm we connect the hemispheres of the brain and the conscious and subconscious mind. We also connect human beings through the most ancient language and form of expression that has existed for thousands of years. We also through rhythm connect and emulate the natural world and the cycles that exist (heartbeat, day & night, ocean tides. seasons and planetary movements.) We can also connect to the earth’s rhythms and magnetic field or torus to create a wave of positive energy that goes out in all directions to counterbalance the negative frequencies that toxify or poison our planet and personal energetic fields.

We at Drums Around the World are committed to connecting people spiritually, sonically, and intentionally, to use this creative power to positively affect and help transform the world.

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