Thursday, September 1, 2016

Library Cataloguer Bequeaths $4 Million to Library

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The University of New Hampshire announced an unexpected bequest of $4 million Tuesday from a nearly half-century employee of the institution who died last year, The Union Leader of Manchester, N.H., reports.

Robert Morin, a graduate of the university who worked as a cataloguer at its Dimond Library from 1965 until his retirement in 2014, passed away in March 2015 at age 77. His longtime financial adviser, Edward Mullen, said that throughout his life Mr. Morin saved assiduously and lived frugally, building up sizable checking, savings, and retirement accounts.

The gift is unrestricted save for $100,000 earmarked to the Dimond Library for scholarships for work-study students, upgrades to multimedia rooms, and support for employees who, as did Mr. Morin, pursue studies in library science. University President Mark Huddleston said $2.5 million of the donation will be used to help launch an expanded campus career center.

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