Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kindness and Compassion Against Bullying

Recent news reports on a rash of bullying behavior since the November presidential elections in the US.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics,  "almost one out of every four students (22%) report being bullied during the school year.  The following video is about a bullied student and how kindness and compassion changed the dark path he was on.

Bullying touches so many lives. It often inspires the generous spirit in people who want to make a difference, support the cause, and change something that has happened to too many for too long. Every day, students, parents, schools, and community members ask us, “What can I do to help?” Every contribution — whether it’s hosting a community event, standing up for someone, or giving a donation to an organization that addresses bullying — makes a difference and changes lives.

Videos with creative call to action
Animated video series created with drawings from young students around the country. After viewing the videos, students can share their poetry or stories, create a drawing, film a short video, or design a graphic that can be shared on PACER’s website and be eligible to receive awards and recognition.

Toolkits for events and classroom
Designed to educate students and adults with two toolkits: one for the classroom ($50) and one for community events ($75). So many students who experience bullying say “I feel so alone.” These toolkits provide resources to initiate conversation and action on ways to “be there,” providing kindness, hope, and support.

Curriculum to inform and inspire students to support peers
Designed for middle and high school classrooms. The FREE online curriculum can be used to encourage a long-term, ongoing conversation focused on how students can prevent bullying through supporting and advocating for their peers.

Program for social inclusion for students with disabilities
Designed to empower students with skills, training and education to protect students with disabilities from bullying, provide a peer support system and to offer social inclusion opportunities.

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