Monday, November 21, 2016

Step Outside, Create Ecstasy

On this Monday morning, perhaps, just perhaps, we step away from the blaring glare of media.  Perhaps we take a collective deep breath and begin our week by walking "outside and gaze at one  leaf..." as suggested in the following mediation from the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Would this action bridge our humanity? Perhaps.

"All you have to do today is walk outside and gaze at one leaf, long and lovingly, until you know, really know, that this leaf is a participation in the eternal being of God. It’s enough to create ecstasy. The seeming value or dignity of an object doesn’t matter; it is the dignity of your relationship to the object that matters, that transforms object to subject, and allows you to meet things center to center or subject to subject, inner dignity to inner dignity. For a true contemplative, a gratuitously falling green leaf will awaken awe and wonder just as much as a golden tabernacle in a cathedral."

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