Monday, December 26, 2016

Radio Garden. Worldwide Radio Access

Editor's Note: This is the coolest thing ever! Listen to radio broadcasting from most anywhere on the planet.

You can now listen to music from around the world. From the Pacific sounds of Radio Guam to the Siberian tunes of Radio Sabir, a new interactive 3d map allows you to listen live to thousands of radio stations across the globe.

Radio Garden features radio broadcasts from hundreds of countries around the world. Just click on a marker on this interactive map and you can tune in to local radio stations which provide live internet radio streams. Radio Garden is a great way to explore the sounds of different cultures around the world. It also provides an interesting insight into the broadcasting traditions of different countries.

As well as the thousands of live radio streams Radio Garden includes a 'History' section which features audio clips from the selected country's radio history. The map also includes a 'Jingles' sestion providing a "crash course in (global) station identification".

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