Monday, December 5, 2016

Seven Global Changemakers

Seven change makers for peace and justice from around the globe were recently partially funded by The Pollination Project.
  • Aviram Rozin and Yorit Rozin, Sadhana. Forest Animal Sanctuary, Auroville, India. Rescued animals and community members come together for peaceful interactions while learning about local reforestation projects.
  • Mohammed Tahir and Carmela Mancini.  Slum-Library Project, Accra, Ghana. Students are engaged in safe and healthy activities, including a library and a multipurpose playground.
  • Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru and Della Bii-mai. Stop Sexual Harassment in Commercial Buses During All Night Travels!, Bamenda, Cameroon. School going youth are sensitized on night travels and sexual harassment while bus stations are decorated with awareness posters.
  • Carlos Lemus. Promoting and Giving the Monarch Butterfly and Other Pollinators a Helping Hand, Reedley, California, USA. Youth create awareness campaigns designed to create safe spaces for monarch butterflies while beautifying communities.
  • Delilah Sharp. Identify Your Dream Corporation, Pontiac, Michigan, USA. Early aged youth are engaged in conversations and educational opportunities about death, grief and coping mechanisms, aimed to unlock their potential.
  • Emmanuel Eyoh Ms Ima Obong Expo. Food for IDPS in Nigeria, Bornu, Nigeria. Vegetable gardens are placed in the community to help fight hunger and malnutrition while advocating for a vegan lifestyle.
  • Sylvain Picker. SeedTheGlobe, Montreal, Canada. Super food seed balls are created to regenerate ecosystems and provide impoverished communities with organic farming techniques.

--From the Huffington Post

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