Tuesday, January 17, 2017

8 Tips to Create Positive Social Media

We've shortened for posting length, 8 Way to Express Your Highest Self on Social Media, from the Chopra Center.

1. Share positivity. When people visit a social media page or app, it’s unlikely that they do so seeking negativity, rants, tirades, or comments that make them feel bad. Therefore, make the choice to be an uplifter while online.

2. Reflect before you post. This is simply a reminder to consider the consequences of what you say online. The Law of Karma reminds us that every action (uploaded content or post) creates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind, so it’s vital that you carefully consider the effects you are setting in motion when making a comment or posting a meme.

3. Commit to sharing the truth (accurate information). ... Social media is a great environment to communicate ... information; however, real danger exists in the spread of misinformation or false news. Consequently, you should strive to be vigilant in verifying the accuracy of the stories you share as well as being sure to not present a heavily biased or one-sided depiction of an event.

4. Reel in your ego. When posting, remember to consider how you can help serve the larger world conversation regarding the issues you share or comment on.

5. Commit to peaceful interactions with others. It’s important to understand that social media is a community of individuals expressing widely varied ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. Those views will not always be in agreement with your own and when that happens, you must remain true to peaceful and compassionate exchanges with others.

6. Share life’s most precious gifts. Social media presents you with a wonderful forum to share gifts that you find so rewarding to receive: attention, affection, appreciation, and love.

  • Give attention by liking posts, sharing content you think a friend would enjoy, or acknowledging what they have shared.
  • Give affection with a personalized greeting, a photo, or some way to ‘touch’ a friend and let them know you were thinking of them.
  • Appreciate another by giving a shout out to let them know you are grateful for something they did or who they are.
  • Love others with regular acts of kindness, sweetness, and support.
  • These simple acts carry great weight for the recipient and can open the door for receiving more of what you give.

7. Share quality, not quantity. We all have busy lives and no one likes being inundated with an endless stream of posts and Tweets that perpetually distract us from our daily responsibilities. Therefore, keep the quality of what you post high, while keeping the quantity of posts low. A few words, an inspirational quote, a thought-provoking article, or a beautiful picture can have a far greater impact on your social network than dumping tons of content on your followers they don’t have time to read.

8. Practice the five Yamas. The first of the eight limbs of yoga described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is known as the Yamas, commonly translated as the “rules of social behavior.” When applied to social media, these guidelines provide an ideal framework for all our online interactions ... As they relate to social media, the Yamas are:

  • Practicing non-violence: Speaking, posting, and sharing peaceful, non-hurtful content.
  • Speaking truthfully: Distinguishing observations from interpretations and communicating in a genuine and truthful manner at all times.
  • Appropriate energy management: Maintaining control over your passions, remaining balanced, creating moderation in all your activities, and avoiding the temptation to become addicted to an illusory online life.
  • Not stealing: Giving due credit to the owner of shared content, not taking what hasn’t been given (such as photos or personal content), and not engaging in online activity that fuels exploitation, social injustice, or oppression.
  • Non-coveting: Letting go of the need for material or ego possessions, being a detached participant of the online world, and remembering your true nature as spirit.
  • These suggestions can go a long way in transforming your social media interactions from ego-based to spirit-based. Use them to come from the level of your soul as you play the fascinating role of a virtual being in an online world. But remember, social media can never replace the quality, intimacy, or soul-bonding possibilities of living and breathing real-time relationships. Know its limitations, have fun with it, and enjoy the dance.

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