Monday, January 16, 2017

A Journey Through the Black Experience

Since the mid-19th century, Black Americans have sought to ensure their culture's history is understood, celebrated, and incorporated into the larger narrative of American history.  Inspire 365: A Journey through the Black Experience builds on the foundation of presenting and celebrating the legacy of Black Americans in America.  Through introducing and discussing the historical concepts, Inspire 365 seeks to become a catalyst in motivating all people to recognize their power as leaders and use their gifts to impact society despite all barriers.  The series is being offered by the Fayetteville Library and will be streamed at 5 P.M.. CT.

This 4-week program utilizes the biographies of important yet little known figures in the Black Experience to connect the audience to larger historical concepts and practices such as: double consciousness, segregation, integration, slavery and resistance. For more information about the series visit the Foundations: Black History Education link at The series moderator is Raven Cook.  Raven will be offering a special session for the Charter for Compassion, sponsored with by our Education Institute on February 13, 8 A.M.. PT.  Register here  There is no need for you to have seen Raven's previous sessions, though it would be helpful.

January 10: The Peculiar Institution - The discussion will explore the beginnings of slavery, examine where America began to make distinctions, and look at resistance methods to bondage.

January 17: Is Freedom Really Free? - The discussion will explore slavery and the Civil War, as well as post-Civil War challenges for Black Americans.

January 24: The Problem of the nth Century: The Color Line - The discussion will examine the beginnings of Jim Crow, Harlem Heaven, Double V, and the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement.

January 31: Black Lives Have Mattered and Always Will - The discussion will explore the the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power and it's legacy, and the current issues facing America.

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