Monday, January 30, 2017

"Let's build a bigger table, not a higher wall"

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The following is a letter written by the Mayor of San Luis Obispo in California in regards to a local protest against a political pundit scheduled to speak at the local university.  Her idea to build a bigger table instead of higher walls is right at the center of putting compassion into action.

Let's build a bigger table, not a higher wall!


This Tuesday let's spend an evening across our community uniting with our neighbors, making friends with strangers, sharing space and breaking bread. 

As we look to Tuesday with Milo Yinnopoulous speaking at Cal Poly, many of our community members have been seeking alternative ways to connect with each other and to stand together. Milo is known for misogynistic, racist, hateful speech and his goal is to divide people and communities. But we know that unity and showing up for each other is more powerful. By coming together in our neighborhoods with friends and strangers we can stand against division by standing together. 

We invite the community to participate in the evening of coming together. We are asking residents community wide to host potlucks with neighbors, coworkers, friends, and strangers too! If you're willing to host consider creating an event on social media, and inviting your network or reaching out to folks personally. Please consider reaching out to someone you don't know, or someone who could use an extra support and solidarity right now. 

One of the most powerful ways we can symbolize our unity is by looking each other in the eye, sharing a meal, and listening to the stories of our community.

It’s an exciting and important thing to be a part of a strong community. I look forward to hearing stories about your events in the coming days.

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