Monday, March 6, 2017

7 Steps Toward Thoughtful Speech

The following is from a recent column in the San Luis Obispo Tribune by Linda Lewis Griffith on Thoughtful Speech.  Here are 7 ways "To Practice Thoughtful Speech."

  1. Pause before speaking. Take some deep breaths. Pull together your ideas. If you don’t yet feel prepared to talk, say, “I’ll get back to you later.” 
  2. Avoid hurtful words and phrases. Speech patterns are habitual. Remove name-calling, expletives and put-downs from your verbal arsenal. 
  3. Don’t speak when you’re angry. When you’re hot under the collar, you want to inflict physical and emotional pain on the nearest target. Instead, back away from the situation. Use de-escalating tactics. 
  4. Never spread lies or rumors. The truth may be open to interpretation. But lies and slander are not acceptable. 
  5. Know when to be silent. 
  6. Be kind even in difficult times. Not every conversation centers around a pleasant topic. In those potentially tense moments, it’s even more important to choose your verbiage carefully. A
  7. Quickly correct mistakes. Admit the wrongdoing and express remorse for having misspoken.

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