Thursday, March 9, 2017

Free Seminar: "Relaxing into Aging"

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Receive liberating insights that open you to a journey of aging that is spiritually fulfilling, joy-filled and infused with love.

Discover how to laugh more, fear less and accept everything as a blessing through the profound teachings of one of America’s most revered spiritual teachers, Ram Dass.

No matter your age, do you find yourself dreading the process of getting older?

Then it’s time to pull up a virtual cushion to receive hard-won insights from Ram Dass, one of America’s most beloved consciousness leaders.

After his stroke in 1997, Ram Dass faced partial paralysis, aphasia and a host of physical challenges — including chronic pain and all manner of inconveniences.

Yet today he considers the stroke an act of “fierce grace” that propelled him to another level of spiritual growth.

Ram Dass shows that it is possible to transform the heaviness that can come with aging into an expanded lightness of being and even joy.

In this special event, you’ll have a chance to harvest many seeds of wisdom to plant in the garden of your own life — blossoming into peace, playfulness and wisdom as you navigate your journey of growing older.

Ram Dass’ goal is to help you flourish as you mature — and shine with the illuminating light of your true essence. Specifically, you’ll:

  • Understand how to make friends with the changes that occur as you age, even ones that seem impossible to embrace
  • Release unnecessary suffering by becoming more mindful and aware of exactly what’s happening, which opens you to direct experience rather than your mental interpretation
  • Shift the way you relate to death
  • Open to a deeper experience of your interconnectedness by recognizing the universals in the changes you’re going through

Sadly, aging is often seen as a pejorative aspect of life in Western culture, with our worth, contribution and respect seemingly diminished with time.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you’d like to dicover how to embrace the gifts of aging and make your later years your “golden years” — the most spiritually meaningful time of your life — there is no wiser guide than Ram Dass.

You CAN make aging into a journey of liberation, laughter and lightness of being if, like Ram Dass, you embrace it as “fierce grace.”

Surely, no one is better equipped to help us do that than Ram Dass, who lives with an effervescent grace, love and beauty... even in a body that has been severely impaired.

We’re honored to partner with him for a soul-expanding hour in which you’ll also learn about a brand new program with him that will explore this essential work in greater depth.

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