Friday, April 14, 2017

A Healthy Debate Begins with Passion (1)

One of the most popular posts on The Daily Prism is 7 Steps Toward Thoughtful Speech.  Elaborating on that theme, today will begin an excerpted four-day series recently posted by the Chopra Center on 4 Tips to Have a Healthy Debate.    The complete article begins:  

"... there seems to be a lot more public debates than ever before. From the way our society should be ran or what is morally correct, to how and if politicians are serving our communities, there are more controversial topics than most of us can keep up with.

"Why do you see and hear more open debates now vs. previous years? Obviously, the number one answer is social media. You can now debate all day with people all over the world"

Debate is healthy, and can be a source of new information for one or both of those in the debate. But how do we keep the debate healthy? It is the hope of The Daily Prism that each of the following days will help each of us become better communicators.

Typically, a debate begins behind some sort of passion. Two people have a large amount of energy and emotion fueling their words. Passion is a powerful force for accomplishing goals in life, but it can also block your window of understanding. If you only look through one side of a window, you only see one view. Take a moment to change your view with the following actions:

  • Ask as many questions as you can about the other person’s feelings and passion behind the topic. What fuels passion the most on each side of the debate?
  • Read the books, articles, and newspapers this person would be interested in.
  • Travel to the areas where the people on the other podium live.

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