Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Global Compassionate Efforts Towards Women & Children

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The Charter for Compassion Women and Girls Global Task Force and Ambassadors, suggest the following steps to help bring about compassionate action to help and serve those women and girls facing atrocities:

We recognize that women and girls are disproportionately impacted by all such conditions. We also agree that when women and girls are protected and empowered, all conditions will improve. We stand on the side of love and fierce compassion, committed to protecting and empowering women and girls and advancing solutions for all in need.

As the women of the Charter for Compassion, we request all to remember and hold dear the words of the Charter for Compassion, and know that now is the time to be the compassion we must  see in the world to achieve our goals.

We ask all to join us in upholding the vision where compassion is the driving force of all decision and policy making. We ask that you join us in our compassionate solutions of not only empowering women and girls in political literacy and  ending violence against women and girls, but also in programs that provide tools and models through the Reaction to Response and other campaigns for a world that embodies peace and harmony for all. Please join us as we live the values of the Charter for Compassion and co-create compassionate solutions within your social circles as well as within your local government and community organizations.

As Women and Girls of the Charter for Compassion we stand in our responsibility to work tirelessly to accomplish our vision of a world in which all girls and women reach their fullest potential for global transformation, holding compassion as our driving force, resulting in a compassionate and harmonious world that works for all.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Become Politically Literate In the United States, many organizations provide training to become educated and trained on anywhere from the basics of public policy to how to run for local, state, or national level government. Two are listed below, yet we are most interested in knowing what other such organizations exist around the world. Please contact us at

(The Charter for Compassion Int'l does not endorse any candidate or any party affiliation)

Emerge America   Emily's List

Advocate to End Violence Against Women, City by City

CEDAW, a UN Treaty that was signed and ratified by most all UN member states except Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Tonga and the United States. Cities for CEDAW (The Convention on Elimination against all forms of Discrimination and violence Against Women) is a US based initiative. What measures are you taking to insure CEDAW is upheld in your country, or if you are in the US, check out what cities are active in your state.

This reference guide highlights key international human rights provisions found in CEDAW that are relevant to women’s nationality rights and individuals affected by gender discrimination in nationality laws, including stateless persons. It is addressed to all stakeholders who may wish to use this international human rights instrument to advance gender equal nationality rights and improve the enjoyment of human rights by affected persons.

Are you a City of Compassion organizer and want to include CEDAW in your campaign? Contact us.

Compassion in Action

Water is Life Earth Week Compassion Games Join the Team Women and Girls and express your compassion outloud in the upcoming Earth Week coopetition with the Compassion Games!  Make sure to name Compassionate Women and Girls as your Team name!

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