Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Condor Chick Hatches in Time for Mother's Day

Supervisory biologist, Joseph Brandt, carefully puts the young chick in an incubator while he installs the nest camera. Photo by Steve Kirkland, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

---From Condor Cave
We have got the best way for you to start your week (and month!). This past week a team of biologists hiked down to the nest in Orchard Draw to confirm the hatch of the little nestling. They were greeted by two proud parents and an adorable white fluffy condor chick! They also took this opportunity to install a live-streaming nest camera. While we don't have the infrastructure set up at Bitter Creek NWR to stream this online to the public, our biologists will be able to remotely monitor this nest for healthy chick development (and hopefully share some condor cuteness clips!). #SavingSpecies

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