Saturday, May 13, 2017

Love, Light & Laughter

Yes, I am convinced that there are societal changes in the air -- changes that include seeking what is good and putting that forth. Sometimes it takes the most frightening of historical notes to catch our attention away from the basics, love, light and laughter, as poetically expressed by the late Twyla Lake.  Twyla was a remarkable woman of many talents. You knew she was in the room, even if you did not see her enter. She was NOT bombastic. She was usually quiet. She NEVER bragged about her unusual talents. You just knew that she had them when you met her. During Twyla's later years, and knowing that I wrote, she shared some of her poetry with me in her holiday cards, or just a note to say hello (which I took as saying that I was on notice or "Pay Attention!").  Fortunately, her philosophy and teachings rang true and I have followed them to the best of my ability. And implementing those basics into my bumpy life, made a clear difference.

Love, Light and Laughter
That's what the World is after,
That's what it takes to put Sadness on the run!

Love, Light and Laughter
They will come after
We've pushed away the clouds and cry, "Here comes the sun!"

Black Man, Red Man, Whites and Yellows
We're some of all of these fellows.

Times at war, but I have a hunch
We've got to Love the Whole Great Bunch!

Cause it's through,
Love, Light and Laughter
That we'll really be the Master
of this ole world and we can say, "We won!" 
Twyla Lake

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