Saturday, June 24, 2017

Photojournalists "Help a Woman -- Help the Planet"

Anni Griffiths photo from Ripple Effect Images

"Annie Griffiths has captured indelible images of life and landscapes in some 150 countries," writes a recent feature in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Those experiences led Griffiths to launch Ripple Effect Images, with the mission " harness the power of visual storytelling to help scale solutions for women and girls globally. We identify best practice aid programs and document their innovative solutions. Using our films and images, aid organizations have raised millions of dollars to expand their programs. Ripple’s dynamic photo library is a unique collection of world-class images and video footage that is shared and repurposed in hundreds of ways. The extraordinary Ripple Effect team includes Pulitzer Prize, World Press, Emmy Award, and National Humanities Medal winners. Ripple is dedicated to covering under-reported issues that impact women and girls. Chief among those issues are our Seven Pillars: Water, Food, Health, Education, Energy, Economic Empowerment and Climate Change," states the nonprofit's website

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy,  "Ripple Effect photos and videos have been put to use by global development groups like BRAC to raise $10 million over the five years for sustainable programs that enhance women’s lives."

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