Friday, June 9, 2017

The World Joins Hands for the Sea

California Coastal Commission photo
As far as the oceans are concerned, there are no borders.  And yesterday, World Oceans Day, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world agreed with the sea. From Ireland, El Salvador, Spain, South Africa, Italy, Canada, Jamaica, Peru, Portugal, Mexico, India, Taiwan, France, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Honduras, Thailand, Croatia, Columbia, Malta, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Belize, Argentina, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Mauritius, Germany, Saint Lucia, Oman, Norway, Maldives, Slovenia, Montserrat, Indonesia, Brazil, Mozambique, Croatia, Trinidad, Russia, Ghana, Denmark, Guam, South Korea, Argentina, the United States, and the list goes on, offered ocean awareness programs, ocean clean up days, film festivals and more.

The purpose, according to World Oceans Day, included:

  • Change perspective – encourage individuals to think about what the ocean means to them and what it has to offer all of us with hopes of conserving it for present and the future generations.
  • Learn – discover the wealth of diverse and beautiful ocean creatures and habitats, how our daily actions affect them, and how we are all interconnected.
  • Change our ways – we are all linked to, and through, the ocean! By taking care of your backyard and helping in your community, you are acting as a caretaker of our ocean. Making small modifications to your everyday habits will make a difference, and involving your family, friends, and community will benefit our blue planet even more!
  • Celebrate – whether you live inland or on the coast, we are all connected to the ocean. Take the time to think about how the ocean affects you, and how you affect the ocean, and then organize or participate in activities that celebrate our ocean.

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