Monday, July 24, 2017

Heal the Wounds of War in Syria

Former Templeton High School grad working in a refugee camp for Syrians
Several years ago, a then recent high school graduate from a local high school (Templeton, CA), opened my eyes to the tragedy of Syria and other nations undergoing endless war and the subsequent refugee issues.  This young man has no chips in this game of resolving the refugee issue, just inspiration. The issues have grown, and countries like Syria are desperate for good souls to help those caught in the Neanderthal quest for power, conquest and war.

Fortunately, brave people around the world have gathered up their compassion and put it to work every day.  From a recent note from Unify:

Today we invite you to UNIFY with us on a mission of global importance. Our campaign is intended to heal the wounds of war in Syria.  

We begin our efforts with global synchronized prayers and meditations to support the rise of peace and healing within us and all around us. We will transform this unified prayer into concrete "on the ground" assistance for children, mothers and families torn apart by this war.  

We invite you to watch our short film "Hope In Syria" and visit our website with complete details on our campaign efforts and the various ways you can join us, unify with our global partners, participate, and make a difference in the lives of those most in need of help.

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