Friday, August 4, 2017

"Something Exciting ... Emerging"

The Daily Prism received this email note recently, and it truly struck a chord. How about you? Are you feeling a surge in creativity? Are you feeling a surge to reconnect with the basics?  Does the following note sound familiar?


Amidst all the turbulence and craziness playing out in the political sphere worldwide, something fresh and exciting also seems to be emerging on the planet right now. The silver lining of things becoming so unhinged in mainstream society is that it may be forcing many of us to fundamentally rethink our priorities and to commit ourselves to a more radical path of inner and outer transformation.  
The urgency of the crisis is creating an intense evolutionary pressure to transform. 
In my own work, I've been experiencing a shift in vision away from any lingering notions of personal success toward a deeper yearning to be part of a wider global movement of change. We are moving away from the age of the spiritual celebrity to one in which we together spark an organic movement of life to bring renewal to humanity and the Earth. As Charles Eisenstein puts it, we are in transition from the Age of Separation to the Age of We Need Each Other. 
I have also been experiencing the call to liberate even more fully the wild, vital, creative life-force within, associated with the Earth, the body, and Eros. It's as though the irrational energies of destruction playing out in the collective are calling forth a deeper, wilder, more radical upswell of the creative life force in each of us in response. Our crazy times are nudging us to go beyond the realm of reason to dance the path of crazy (yet joyous) wisdom. 
It is my prayer that the resources offered in this month's Gaiafield Times support you in some way to feel connected to this creative life force and the wider movement for change. May we all find the courage to follow the guidance of our deepest creative inspiration - not just for our own satisfaction, but as our contribution to a deeply meaningful global movement whose potentials we cannot yet even grasp. 
Blessings of Peace,
David T. Nicol, for the Gaiafield Council.

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