Tuesday, September 26, 2017

$20 Million Earmarked to Strengthen Women's Groups

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will give $20 million during the next three years to strengthen women’s groups worldwide ...

While details are still forthcoming, the foundation said the money will support research, training, and groups of other donors already active in the field. It will also be used to bolster grass-roots women’s campaigns in the developing world...

... Ms. Gates made the announcement at an event put on by the foundation to promote the United Nations’ sustainable-development goals, a set of global development targets the international body wants to accomplish by 2030. The U.N. goals include achieving gender equality for women through access to education, health care, and work, among other means.

Directing support to women’s activist groups can be more effective than supporting governments or large international aid organizations, Ms. Gates told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during an event the foundation held on Wednesday.

"They know their community," she said. "They know what needs to get done."

The $20 million is part of an $80 million commitment that Ms. Gates first announced in May 2016 to collect data on social issues that women and girls face and advance gender equality worldwide. Until now, the foundation had not provided any information on how the money would be used.

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