Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pop Star's Private Plane Taxis Puerto Rico Cancer Victims to US

Pop star Pitbull found a creative way to help Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico, and he's making a huge difference. The 36-year-old Latin artist lent his very own private plane to the devastated country to help taxi cancer patients to the United States so they could continue getting the chemotherapy treatments that they desperately need.

While other stars like Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and Marc Anthony have been very public about donating money and helping out (and that's totally cool), Pitbull hasn't said a word on social media about his good deed. Instead, we learned about the selfless act from Puerto Rican congresswoman Jenniffer González. "Thanks to singer @pitbull for lending private plane to transfer cancer patients from Puerto Rico to the United States so that they can take their chemo," she tweeted proudly on Sept. 26.

Pitbull humbly told E! that he was more than happy to do it, and that he's simply grateful to be in a position to support his fellow people. "Thank God we're blessed to help," he said. "Just doing my part."

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