Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gratitude in the Workplace

"Globoforce is in the global business of thanks, using the power of gratitude to proactively improve a company’s culture. Drawing upon the science of gratitude and their own internally driven set of practices, they have demonstrated that giving and receiving appreciation is both beneficial and vital to a high-functioning organization," according to Robert Emmons in an essay for Greater Good Magazine.  Tomorrow's Daily Prism will list reasons why gratitude in the workplace is good for everyone.

From the Globoforce website:

At Globoforce we think differently. For us, recognition is strategic to your brand and to achieving your company goals. Done right, recognition engages all employees and encourages them to recognize and appreciate co-workers every day. Our unique Social Recognition® provides powerful tools and proven methodology to identify key talent and transform the fundamental nature of your company culture.

At Globoforce, we connect employees with corporate values and cultures. And we do it on a massive scale, globally. Our best practices and technology are at the heart of the world’s most successful worldwide recognition programs – at some of the most well respected companies on the planet, including Intuit, Symantec and Amgen.

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