Saturday, October 28, 2017

Volunteer Makes a Difference: Pet Rescue in Disaster Regions

Today, October 28, 2017 is Make A Difference Day.  Thousands of volunteers across the country will come together with a common mission: to improve the lives of others through community service.

One example of service during the recent hurricanes is animal rescue and reuniting lost animals with their owners.

Cheri Deatsch travels to communities affected by natural disasters to rescue animals in need. Through Kinship Circle, an all-volunteer animal advocacy and disaster rescue nonprofit where Cheri serves as disaster field response manager – she has stepped up to volunteer in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Fukushima earthquake in Japan, severe flooding in Thailand, the Oklahoma tornadoes, and many more.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Cheri spent four days performing search and rescue missions to save animals from the floods and other detrimental conditions in Houston.

Deatsch shared some of her thoughts with the  Points of Light Foudations:

"I’ve seen the worst of times brings out the best in people. Often people not affected by the disaster feel helpless when they see television images of the pain and suffering of others, and volunteering allows one to channel those feelings into actions, which can really make a difference in the lives of persons who are in a time of need.

"Everybody has a skill, and there are always circumstances where you can use your skill to make a difference in the lives of others. Not only will your work be greatly appreciated, but you will learn a lot about yourself and others. And, that learning experience is invaluable."

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