Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Dozen More Simple Practices of Gratitude

"Stop to smell the roses.Mother Nature offers jewels around every corner,
and your senses can feast on her offerings. Pause and take it all in."

A dozen more easy ways to practice gratitude continuing yesterday's post from a Chopra Center essay: 25 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude. 

13. Give Thanks for Your Cup Being Half Full
Stop for a moment and appreciate your simple glass of water. You are alive because of water, and it deserves your attention.

14. Leave a Note for the Postal Carrier
Imagine how your postal carrier might react when she receives a note of thanks. This person delivers happiness to others, and it might be time for him or her to get some, too.

15. Thank a Former Teacher
When you look back on your education, is there a particular educator who influenced you? Offer that teacher a well-earned shout-out.

16. Give a Colleague a High Five
Similar to family members, you may take your co-workers for granted. Take the time to thank your colleagues for a job well done.

17. Pray or Meditate
Contemplative practices often include spending time giving thanks. Take some quiet time to reflect on your blessings, and be grateful for the good qualities you possess within yourself.

18. Ponder Your Pet
Have you considered how much joy your pet brings to your life? This animal offers up unconditional love to you through thick and thin. Give her an extra long belly rub of thanks.

19. Thank Your Garbage Collectors
What would life be like if your trash wasn’t picked up each week? The men and women who keep our cities clean should be thanked.

20. Write a Kind Review
Consider how your favorite restaurant might appreciate your kind Yelp review. You could also take the time to write an Amazon review for your favorite brand.

21. Thank Those Who Keep You Safe
Who do people call when they are badly hurt or afraid? Police officers, emergency medical technicians, and firemen and women tend to people during their most critical times. When you see them, thank them.

22. Send an Email to Your Child’s Teacher
It is hard to imagine spending each day teaching 30 children the tools they need to thrive.Teachers offer patience, kindness, and encouragement to future leaders, and they have earned your gratitude.

23. Take Three Deep Breaths
This simple practice can give you enough time for one simple moment of gratitude. Be grateful for your breath, because you wouldn’t be here without it.

24. Stop and Smell the Roses
When is the last time you appreciated the natural beauty surrounding you? Mother Nature offers jewels around every corner, and your senses can feast on her offerings. Pause and take it all in.

25. Donate
Is there a nonprofit doing excellent work to make the world better? Thank the organization with your words and also your wallet, if possible. Even small donations go a long way.

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