Thursday, January 4, 2018

Day of Service, January 15, 2019

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived his life serving others. Following his example, millions of Americans serve on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. At our children's schools, at a local shelter, or lending a hand to help our neighbors – we join Dr. King as drum majors for justice, peace and righteousness.

Volunteer in Your Community
On MLK Day, millions of Americans will honor Dr. King's legacy by coming together for a national day of service and dialogue. Make it a day on, not a day off. Find MLK Day volunteering opportunities in your community. Click this link to discover volunteerism opportunity in or near your community:  Volunteer

Points of Light’s legacy is rooted in our founder, President George H. W. Bush’s, belief that “any definition of a successful life must include serving others.” In 1989, President George H. W. Bush signed the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission Extension Act accompanied by Mrs. Coretta Scott King, wife of Dr. King. On MLK Day, Points of Light calls together its community of changemakers to reflect on gains won during the Civil Rights Movement and to address contemporary issues facing our nation through act of volunteer service.

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