Monday, February 26, 2018

5 Writing Prompts for Connecting to Nature

This March, the Charter for Compassion will offer a writing course to help folks connect with nature. A sampling of the course includes these five steps to discover, via your writing, a healing path. These spontaneous moments of writing "from the hip" (as opposed to shooting from the hip--LOL) bring surprising results.

Are you frazzled by the rapid pace around you?  Do you seek ways to quietly reflect on and restore compassion?  Are you depleted and find it hard to make time for your own needs? Try out the following writing activity.

1. Set a timer for five minutes.
2. Get ready a sheet of unlined paper and a pen.
3. Write this phrase at the top of the page: “I feel calm when I am able to …”
4. Start the timer and begin to write whatever comes up for the next five minutes.
5. Do not edit as you go. Don’t worry about finding “the answer.” Just see what happens when you let your heart write across the page.


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