Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Quiz About Awe in Your Life

More Awe, Less Uh

How many times when viewing some magnificent natural element like the Grand Canyon have we thought, “Makes me feel kind of insignificant?" That’s the power of awe.

In a 2015 study, researchers discovered that awe brought on “a reduced sense of self-importance relative to something larger and more powerful that they felt connected to,” and that “a naturalistic induction of awe in which participants stood in a grove of towering trees enhanced prosocial helping behavior and decreased entitlement compared to participants in a control condition.”

Open the gate to a walk in awe — a walk in nature, or a walk in a part of the city not previously seen, or a walk through an art gallery, museum, botanical park, or a walk along historical monuments or ruins. 

Half of the planet’s population lives in an urban setting. Futurists predict the expansion of megacities — cities with over 10 million population.   To put our feet onto the naked soil, to inhale the living blood (sap) of overhead trees, to savor the brilliance of a flower, to gaze at the sky, to harbor gratitude to the elements of earth that structures an urban center — the wood, the steel, the iron, the concrete, the water, the glass, and even the asphalt roads — may ease the disconnect from nature’s relevance in our lives. 
       --From "Connection -- A Book of 48 Natural Contemplations" by Charmaine Coimbra: 

The Quiz 

From the Greater Good Magazine:

Could your life be more awesome?
The scientific study of awe is relatively new; the Greater Good Science Center’s director, Dacher Keltner, has been one of its pioneers. Already studies have linked it to better health and increased generosity, and researchers are zeroing in on how to cultivate more of it in our everyday lives.

But how much awe do you experience in your life?

This quiz will help you find out. It includes items from three scientifically validated scales, along with some new items created for this quiz by Greater Good Science Center staff and members of Dr. Keltner’s Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory.

Click this link to take the AWE QUIZ

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