Saturday, March 10, 2018

10 Arts to "Clarity, Creativity & Courage in a World Gone Mad"

Ten Arts of Democracy from the book, "Getting a Grip -- Clarity, Creativity and Courage in a World Gone Mad"
By Frances Moore Lappe

Frances Moore Lappe on fresh political approaches to finding meaning:

Art One: Active Listening 
Encouraging the speaker and searching for meaning

Art Two: Creative Conflict
Confronting others in ways that produce growth

Art Three: Mediation
Facilitating interaction to help people in conflict hear one another

Art Four: Negotiation Problem solving that meets some key interests of all involved

Art Five: Political Imagination Re-imaging our futures according to our values

Art Six: Public Dialogue 
Public talk on matters that concern us all

Art Seven: Public Judgment 
Public decision making that allows citizens to make choices they are willing to help implement

Art Eight: Celebration 
Expressing joy and gratitude for what we learn as well as what we achieve

Art Nine: Evaluation and Reflection 
Assessing and incorporating the lessons we learn through action

Art Ten: Mentoring 
Supportively guiding others in learning these arts of public life"

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