Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Connection to Whales

Have you ever looked directly into the eye of a whale? Smelled a whale's exhale? Touched a whale's flesh?  Should you have this special encounter, it could be life-changing.

From "Connection -- A Book of 48 Natural Contemplations," a work in progress to help us in our busy lives to take a moment to connect to nature's beauty. 

Further encounters with humpback and blue whales have each brought a special feeling of connectedness to them. They have looked me in the eye and I felt a buzz and a wisp of a universal language. 

Despite the above, Daniel Cressey, wrote in Nature magazine, “World’s Whaling Slaughter Tallied,” the following:  “The first global estimate of the number of whales killed by industrial harvesting last century reveals that nearly 3 million cetaceans were wiped out in what may have been the largest cull of any animal — in terms of total biomass — in human history."  When I’ve encountered these great beasts, I sense their will to continue on and without malice toward humanity because we are all on this great swim together.

The following meditation brings me special peace:

I know that we have hurt you. How can I say that I’m sorry?  How do I know that you care?  Your eyes tell me that you understand and that you have oceans of forgiveness based in some unseen universal wilderness that I can only begin to grasp. With that, I cradle in the moment when you and I looked at each other, like long ago lovers that were lost by means outside of ourselves. You vibrate peace. You exude strength. You do not judge. You continue to survive. Thank you for reminding me of life’s elements. You seek neither palaces nor gold. They are meaningless to your ancient knowledge. Thank you for helping me understand. 

Gratitude fills my lungs and pulsing blood with each breath I take, knowing that your home is life-giving on every level.

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