Friday, March 16, 2018

Rooted in Earth & Touching the Sky

This photo of robins so perfectly posed on the limbs of a leafless tree in early spring was an unexpected moment of joy.

Trees offer boundless metaphors to our lives, beginning with The Tree of Life. “There is seen to be an immanence about such mighty entities (trees), and they are more than mere tangible living things. They possess a cryptic power, which singles them out over all other objects in nature for a special kind of holiness. Their trunks reach upwards from roots that penetrate deep within the world of the earth, while their topmost branches touch the sky and the heavens,” wrote Michael Jordan in Plants of Mystery and Magic.

The contemplation

Like a robin in early spring I will lightly go out on a limb to rest my soul in the bounty of the tree with branches that touch the sky and the heavens. Gently, patiently, this limb from where I rest, rises into the light. Illumination becomes the gift that I have always sought. With each inch of inner growth, I better understand why seeking inner light and peace is a wise choice, even when the metaphorical forest below seems to crumble. 

I understand that each of us can rise above a failing environment — both within and without. I understand that my positive action will make a difference. But I must first go out on a limb.

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