Thursday, April 5, 2018

5 Ways to Control Your Fear

Fear, to my way of thinking, is like a block wall that halts all forward movement. Fear is both a personal hinderance, and a tool used by those with nefarious goals. Fear renders reason to unraveled threads of what could be. The following is an outtake of an essay "Is Positive Thinking Ruining Your Life?" -- Editor.

One emotion we try to mask too often is fear. We are afraid of failing. We are afraid of missing out. We are afraid to be imposters. We are afraid of being afraid.

Fear stops more people every day that failure ever could. No emotion has the ability to control us, unless we let it. We all choose how we respond to our emotions. The ones we think we cannot control, the ones who we shy away from are the ones that grow. Those are the emotions with the power to hurt us.

Fear cannot be buried or hidden away, as it always comes back, it always resurfaces. Fear is an evil monster that unless dealt with head-on will always find a way to reappear.

Ultimate Secret

The ultimate secret to overcoming fear is not to think positively. But rather, to embrace the fear. Understand it. Define it. Then question it.

Once you do that, then you can create an action plan to beat it. Once you are OK, or at peace with the “worst thing ever”, then anything other than that will be a success.

Find success by entertaining fear. Invite fear to your house and be a welcoming host.

1. EMBRACE the Fear – think about every possibility. Write down the worst thing that can happen. This scenario should be the worst case possible. Accept this scenario as your starting point.

2. DEFINE the Fear – be able to understand WHY you are afraid. Know thyself. Be true to yourself. Take the time to figure out your fear and motivations. Label and define it.

3. QUESTION the Fear – ask yourself: Is this fear good or is the fear bad? Does this fear motivate me or does it paralyze me? Is this fear even real? What does it mean?

4. Create an ACTION PLAN – create a step-by-step plan that will take you to your destination. Make sure to leave room for mistakes along the way. Each action you plan helps to lead you away from the worst-case scenario.

5. Take Action NOW – nothing beats doing. Nothing. Action erases all fear. Follow your plan and adjust as you go.

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