Monday, April 9, 2018



Nolonwabo Batini, a 15-year-old girl from Ndzondelelo High School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, made this self-confident discovery when Roger visited her school. Her conviction became the vision and central theme of the Roger Federer Foundation.

The Roger Federer Foundation enhances a world where children living in poverty are able to take control of their future and actively shape it. We wish to empower as many African children as possible through access to high-quality early learning and education.  We aim to further develop existing educational services and early support in a sustainable way. Although access to primary education has significantly increased in recent years, fundamental problems such as low classroom performance, poor attendance, high numbers of drop-outs and low school completion rates still persist, as well as a lack of early childhood education. The quality of early support and basic education is crucial as it is the foundation of all learning.

The Roger Federer Foundation’s strategic priority is the assistance of already existing but essentially insufficient support services, in early childhood care centres, preschools and primary schools for children between 3 and 12 years of age as well as the improvement of their efficiency and effectiveness. In Switzerland we promote under-privileged children in their recreational activities.

--From Roger Federer Foundation

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