Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Life Flowing Tips--Optimism and Cooperation

Life's challenges can be a constant obstacle whether at home, with a relationship, at work, or even trying to reach personal goals. Consequently, we may tend to walk away from the challenge, even when you wish that you could have made the situation better.

The following, from a Chopra Center note, lists ways to make our lives more supple when challenge arrives:

   Allowing Life to Flow  


  • Approach a situation openly and with optimism 
  • Act gracefully in a challenging situation
  • Share a responsibility—you don’t have to do it all yourself  
  • Choose an allowing attitude rather than resistance
  • Encourage areas of flow 


  • Choose cooperation over competition 
  • Become aware of resistance, then stop resisting when you don’t need to
  • Listen to outside voices and let someone else have their way
  • Help reduce an area of conflict
  • Clear someone else’s path of obstacles

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