Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rating A Company's Workplace Satisfaction by Women

InHerSight launched in 2014, and from the beginning has been mission driven, always focused on our core objective to help women make smarter career decisions.

Plenty of other anonymous company review sites exist and provide general insights to job seekers. But we focus almost exclusively on achieving gender equality at work with 15 key metrics that matter most to working women, including flexible work hours, maternity and adoptive leave, salary satisfaction and female representation in leadership positions.

Of the women who visit the site, nine out of 10 say the reviews help them make better career decisions. More than half of the site’s visitors are actively job searching.

It also provides vital feedback for companies that are ready to attract more top female talent and retain the women they already employ. On InHerSight, they can discover how their policies are perceived and tout why women should work for them.

--From the Case Foundation

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