Friday, June 15, 2018

Marin County Encourages All Electric, Solar Powered Buildings

Governments looking for ways to slash fossil fuel use and meet their greenhouse gas reduction goals are turning to their increasingly carbon-free grids to decarbonize buildings.

The Board of Supervisors in Marin County, California recently approved energy-efficiency updates to its green building requirements that include provisions providing a compliance pathway for all-electric buildings. The updated standards apply to new buildings in unincorporated areas of the county.

In an interview, Alice Zanmiller, sustainability planner with Marin County’s Community Development Agency, said the move to encourage all-electric buildings is directly connected to the increased availability of renewable electricity in the county.

The baseline electricity mix offered by MCE, the community-choice aggregator that supplies electricity to Marin County and more than a dozen other San Francisco Bay Area jurisdictions, is 50 percent renewable. Customers can opt for the 100 percent renewable energy “Deep Green” option for a slight premium.

With a much cleaner grid, said Zanmiller, the county “recogniz[ed] that these new buildings are really opportunities to reduce our ongoing natural-gas use.”

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