Monday, June 11, 2018

Parkland Students Sing About Love

The strength of song and music came alive on Sunday, June 10, when survivor students from the Parkland school shooting stood on stage during the annual Tony Awards ceremony in NYC and perfectly performed Seasons of Love from the Broadway hit, Rent.

Students from the Florida school where 17 people were recently killed in a mass shooting gave an emotional musical performance at the Tony Awards last night.

The star-studded audience were left in tears as Marjory Stoneman Douglas drama students sang Seasons of Love from the musical Rent.

Their teacher, Melody Herzfeld, was given a special award in recognition of the fact she barricaded 65 students in a closet whilst the shooter was on loose.

In a powerful speech, Herzfeld said receiving the award was one of the most defining moments of her life. “All of the goodness and tragedy that has brought me to this point will never be erased,” she said.

--From The Standard

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