Wednesday, July 25, 2018

An App for Personal Peace

What if personal peace fosters worldwide peace? What if, by taking a moment to give yourself some of your own peace, you then carry that feeling out into the world… ultimately creating even more peace?

We think so, we call it the 3ft of Peace™.

LiveaMoment was created from the idea that world peace is not too big for all of us – especially when you can see who else is out there in the world feeling the same way you do. In bite-size portions, we can shift what’s possible – and innovate a new way of achieving peace.

From our App to Our State of Peace Project, a documentary series with filmmakers from around the world creating dialogue about peace, LiveaMoment is tapping into something that’s spreading globally: Together we can change the way we experience peace, share peace, and fund peace… one moment at a time. Because sometimes… you just need a moment.

The LiveaMoment app connects people globally in daily moments of peace, teach emotional intelligence, and promote unity. Take a breath, identify your emotions, and see how you fit in with other users across the world.

25% of our profits go to the Live a Moment Foundation to fund peace initiatives around the world.

---From LiveaMoment

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