Friday, August 3, 2018

Free Online Summit for Summer of Peace

A free online summit, "Finding Common Ground," takes place August 7-9, and offers a path forward.

This 3-day Finding Common Ground summit shares cutting-edge peace practices for building bridges, closing gaps, and connecting and promoting agents for change who are working to create a comprehensive blueprint for global transformation.

During Finding Common Ground, you’ll discover:

  • Deep personal transformation practices to help you open your heart and develop practical (and profound!) expressions of love & compassion for the “other”
  • Extraordinary global peacebuilders & the work they're doing to change our world
  • Healing deep racial wounds in America & how we can move from tragedy to victory
  • The unknown & underlying layers of complexity in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
  • Strategies for building bridges across difference & disagreement
  • Ways to talk about power, privilege, & prejudice without creating shame
  • How tribal women of Pakistan are using ingenuity, diplomacy, and turning enemies into allies to change entrenched behaviors in families & communities
  • How to avoid common pitfalls some organizations fall into in their efforts to increase diversity
  • The power of healing beyond violence and trauma… & how inner peace supports your wellbeing
  • Your role in bringing racial healing to your community & country so you can make a difference — right now!
  • The vital role of women in creating harmony & building a more sustainable future
  • How to develop cultural humility, radical healing, and courageous conversations where people can feel both safe and brave!
  • The keys to finding hope for peace & justice in these perilous times of rising xenophobia
  • An introduction to Nonviolent Communication… providing a structure for speaking up about everyday microaggressions related to gender & race
  • That peace is possible — even in war torn areas with longstanding conflicts — through peace activism & tapping into our common humanity
  • A groundbreaking multi-disciplinary art project which brought 10,000 people together for healing & reconciliation
  • How channeling and creating artwork can transform a war-plagued land into a space of love & light
  • A path to becoming a visionary leader & global citizen… and ways to engage in your community as a peacebuilder
  • A global network of grassroots visionaries who are committed to “turning the other into a brother”
  • That inherent goodness & our collective light can help us overcome the darkness we face as a global family
  • Inspiration from leading luminaries who have devoted their lives to creating peace & a sustainable world for all

Registration is free. Click this link to register:  Finding Common Ground

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